Achieve more by extendingTeams, SharePoint and Microsoft 365 with the Cloud Box Teams, SharePoint and Microsoft 365 with the Cloud Box education solutions.

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Learning solutions for you

Clear benefits for education

Saving time for teachers.

Central Resource areas help teachers reuse department resources from within each class and assignment.


A global personalised menu for easy clear navigation into Teams and sites, even for beginners.  

A clear long-term strategy.

Our program of rollout, training and follow up provides the school with a long-term strategy to succeed with Microsoft Teams.

Building confidence with new technology.

Interactive online CPD certified courses for small groups of staff with a dedicated trainer so staff can gain confidence and embrace a new way of working. Creating and sharing quality resources in the cloud is no longer exclusive to tech-savvy teachers.

Saving costs for schools.

Large long-term savings when refreshing hardware and licensing. Potential to replace other third-party software packages into a single system.

Simple and time saving features

Replace school network drives

Create long-term storage areas in Teams and SharePoint for non-curricular shares currently on the school network. Saving costs and getting all the benefits of moving to the cloud.

Staff subject analytics

Ensure no one is left behind using the staff assignment analytic tool. Department leaders can track how often each department is setting assignments.

Keep track of departments

Heads of department can easily keep track of the quality of resources being used in classes using centralised resource areas.

One version of the truth

Resources are centralised to avoid duplication of work. No need to upload resources for every class team you teach each academic year!

Students can drop off work

Each student in the class has an individual private folder and the class teacher can provide regular feedback on live documents.

Departmental meetings and chat

A place for departments to meet online and share best practices.

Publish resources

A SharePoint intranet to help you publish resources such as policies and news throughout the whole school.

Manage your own Teams

We provide a self-service tool to create teams and sites

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