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Cloud Design Box was founded by Tony Phillips, who has over 10 years’ experience with SharePoint in education and business. We work with schools, colleges and academy trusts to provide engaging learning portals in Office 365 (SharePoint Online) and SharePoint on-premises. We help businesses get the most out of SharePoint and Office 365 by streamlining business processes and creating engaging intranet solutions.

Cloud Design Box Ltd

Cloud Design Box have a mission to provide cutting-edge solutions and services for teaching, learning, business and data governance.

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Cloud Design Box
SharePoint responsive design

SharePoint in Business

Moving your company documents into SharePoint will let users access them on any device. It could be a PC, tablet or phone. This will mean your workforce is now fully mobile and able to work from anywhere.

Users can work on the same document at the same time. Collaborate on proposals and presentations without emailing around a file. Work can now be done much quicker!

Share documents inside and outside of the company. Work with partners quickly and efficiently.

SharePoint isn't just about document management, our workflows and apps extend it further and make your business even more efficient.

SharePoint in Business
Class and subject site

Responsive Design

We specialise in designing the look and feel of SharePoint to reflect your industry and corporate branding.

All the designs are fully responsive to work on mobile devices and tablets adapted for touch screens. Cloud Design Box guide you through the design process from Photoshop wireframes and mock-ups to the final live design.

SharePoint in Business
Site Architecture

Site Architecture and Automation

As your company grows, your data grows too. Cloud Design Box can help businesses plan a scalable site architecture including access rights and sharing settings. We plan and build a site so your company can grow securely.

Cloud Design Box create clear diagrams to help you understand the site and how it will grow over time. We can also help you move across content from file shares and other locations.

SharePoint in Business


Does your business have long-winded processes such as leave requests, timesheets or purchase order requests?

Cloud Design Box can help businesses automate these processes using SharePoint forms and workflows. By streamlining the process, we make the business more efficient.

Our solutions are unique for each business and can even include employee onboarding (inductions), internal helpdesks, employee KPI/appraisal tracking and much more! We don't speak technical jargon and we make the process easy to understand.

SharePoint in Business
SharePoint upgrade path

SharePoint Upgrades and Migration

With over 8 years’ experience of SharePoint’s migration path and hundreds of upgrades, Cloud Design Box engineers offer a transparent and cost-effective upgrade/migration service. Project plans are provided to clearly outline each step of the process to keep downtime minimal and make the migration as smooth as possible.

SharePoint in Business
Training and Support


Make the most out of SharePoint by training up technical staff and end-users. Cloud Design Box offer hands-on training workshops tailored for each group.

Our training options include technical, end-user workshops, workflows and SharePoint Designer sessions. Each of these sessions can be formed from a list of topics or customised for the specific needs of the business.


From help with SharePoint permissions to quick online help sessions, Cloud Design Box offers service level agreements for both SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online (Office 365).

Contact Cloud Design Box for more information on SLAs for SharePoint on-premises and Office 365.

SharePoint in Business
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