How to add a Reflect check-in poll to your Class Notebooks
Published 08, Jun 2022

Reflect check-ins in Class Notebook are a brilliant way for teachers to get a good understanding of which students may need additional support or guidance. 

Meanwhile, reflecting on learning is good practice for students to build self-awareness and take ownership of their own education.  

In this guide, we show you how to insert a Reflect check-in into Class Notebook, how students can use the Reflect tool and how teachers can view student responses.  

How to insert a Reflect check-in into Class Notebook. 

  1. Open the page in Class Notebook you wish to insert your Reflect check-in.  
  2. Select Class Notebook on the top navigation bar.  
  3. Select Reflect to bring up a window where you can configure your Reflect check-in.

How to insert a Reflect check-in into Class Notebook

4. Choose what you would like your students to reflect on. For example, “confidence to succeed”, “satisfaction with their progress”, “motivation to learn” or “understanding of the content”.  

5. Type in a check-in question (or use the default question).  

6. Select Add check-in to page.  

How to insert a Reflect check-in into Class Notebook.

How students can use Reflect check-ins in Class Notebook. 

When a teacher has inserted a Reflect check-in to a Class Notebook page, it should look something similar to this: 

  1. Use emojis to answer the question. You can hover over each emoji to see what they mean. 
  2. Select Submit. 

Reflect Check-in GIF

Note: Only the teacher(s) for this class see responses.  

How teachers can view responses for Reflect check-ins. 

There are two main ways teachers can view student responses for Reflect check-ins.  

View Reflect check-ins via Class Notebook. 

  1. Go back into the Class Notebook page where you originally placed the Reflect check-in. 
  2. Select Check-in details – or any of the emojis – to see a breakdown of student responses. 

Check Reflect check-in responses

3. Select any student’s name to view their previous reflections and compare them.

Handy tip: You can click the student’s name to start up a Teams conversation with them if need be.  

View Reflect check-ins via Insights.  

  1. Open Insights and select Reflect. 
  2. Select In Class Notebook to view the Reflect check-in responses from Class Notebook. 

You’ll be able to see all the reflections in a list and click specific questions to narrow down your data.

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